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Cat Hirst is a sustainability and regenerative business practitioner pioneering a highly ambitious and creative approach to business transformation.

She works as an advisor, strategist, and coach to help individuals and businesses move quickly towards sustainable and ultimately regenerative practices. 

With over 15 years of strategic and technical consulting experience, Cat is an expert in sustainability, regenerative business, innovation, and leadership. She is passionate about putting environmental and social issues at the heart of business decision-making and believes a regenerative mindset can enable this shift. She has a strong track record for helping organisations set and translate bold ambition into action.

A firm believer that people are an organisation’s strongest resource for transformation, Cat has developed numerous sustainability strategies, culture change, and innovation programmes for FTSE 100 companies which have engaged entire organisations in sustainability, from future leaders up to C-suite executives.

Cat has helped numerous businesses set bold commitments on sustainability and engage their employees and supply chains to quickly turn their ambitions into action. She does this by developing bold sustainability strategies and roadmaps, and then – by understanding the unique culture and ways of working in an organisation – masterminds highly engaging capacity building programmes to empower everyone across the business make sustainability central to their decision-making.

"Cat Hirst is an innovator and positive disruptor. Her energy and passion is infectious and her willingness to speak to truth and ask challenging questions demonstrates her inspirational leadership capabilities. Cat’s approach goes so far beyond embedding sustainability as a tick box exercise in your organisation—If you want to evolve your business model and drive real, tangible, and positive change Cat’s unique skillset is a toolbox you can’t do without"
Emily Hamilton
Head of ESG, Savills Investment Management

Cat is founder of regenerative business consultancy, Beyond Sustainability.

Beyond supports brave businesses to go further than traditional sustainability by pioneering regenerative practices. They help organisations re-envision their role in the world by providing regenerative insights, strategies, education and tools so businesses can deliver transformative impact.

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Cat's new book "A Regenerative Mindset" is out now!