Executive Coaching

Cat is a professional coach for changemakers, sustainability leaders, enlightened business leaders and regenerative pioneers.

Cat specialises in working with sustainability and regenerative leaders, as she works in collaborative partnership with them to unlock their full potential for delivering transformation.

With a background in sustainability, innovation and business transformation, she is particularly well placed to support ambitious individuals who want to dial up their impact in these areas. The coaching is tailored to the individual’s needs but tends to cover key leadership themes of purpose, resilience, influencing, creativity, negotiation, team dynamics, network activation, and storytelling. Her focus is to help individuals become purposeful and conscious leaders so they can better understand themselves, and then arrive at creative actions to further transform themselves, and positively influence the businesses they work for.

We all have a key role to play in making this a world that people and planet can thrive, and I am committed to providing people with the insight and practical tools to accelerate our collective journey to a regenerative future.

"My experience being coached by Cat was insightful and fruitful, helping me to better understand what I wanted from my career and the drivers behind my professional approach and engagement. Cat’s guidance provided me with an understanding and the ability to articulate the challenges and frustrations I felt, which we translated into a mindset for development and growth. Since the coaching I have used the perspective I gained to structure my career and ensure I am being true to myself in the work that I am doing."
Lindsey Malcolm
Associate Director and Sustainability Lead, Middle East, Turner & Townsend

As a leadership coach, she is there to provide focused and independent support, offering guidance and gentle challenge to help the individual step up as a leader and grow their confidence to lead transformation in the world.

Cat fully recognises how challenging it can be for changemakers to keep their own energy up as they work tireless to you deliver that positive impact.

"I found my coaching experience with Cat very rewarding and valuable. Cat’s ability to listen and create a safe environment, whilst also providing appropriate challenge helped me reflect on my communication and leadership style in my current role as well as explore my longer-term career path and personal purpose. She was insightful, supportive, and able to analyse the issues I was struggling with so we could identify areas for change, consider different approaches and then take action"
James Manning
Social Impact Lead, Grosvenor Property UK

Cat has helped changemakers who felt like there were getting pulled in many directions, were feeling overwhelmed with initiatives and reporting, were tired of dealing with internal politics, feeling overwhelmed at managing complex programmes, and nervous about overseeing growing teams. 

Her sessions provide changemakers with:

If you are a sustainability leader looking to step up and fulfil your true potential as a change maker, get in touch to see how we can support you through a dedicated coaching package.

Coaching benefits

The personal benefits of coaching are as wide-ranging as the individuals involved.

Coaching can positively impact your career as well as your life by helping you to:

Who it's for

The coaching package is for anyone looking to learn more about themselves, grow their positive impact in the world, and play a leading role in their organisation’s sustainability effort.

You could be looking to grow your develop your professional skills, achieve more of work-life balance, overcome roadblocks in the business, consider creative ways of delivering on your organisations sustainability goals or maybe you’re going through a career transition.


The coaching format can be tailored to individual needs, but a standard coaching package includes:

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Cat's new book "A Regenerative Mindset" is out now!