Cat Hirst is an accomplished keynote speaker who inspires audiences across industries to pursue a sustainable future by unlocking the power of people, sustainable innovation and regenerative business.

Cat’s content is tailored to the specific event and audience, but generally focuses on topics of regenerative business models, organisational purpose, people empowerment & leadership, and sustainable innovation. 

She customises every talk with sector-relevant case studies, stories from the frontlines, and key scientific data and principles to land the change required and meet the ambitions of the event. Not only does she illuminate what the future holds –including regenerative business models, nature based and solutions and zero carbon technologies —she also indicates how audience members must act now to forge the future they want to see.

Inspire hearts, shift mindsets, and change behaviours by engaging your people on sustainability and regenerative business.

Keynote topics

Key trends in sustainability


Embedding sustainability

What the key trends in sustainability are that your business needs to be aware of.

What business needs to become to restore and replenish our damaged world.

How to turn sustainability intentions into action by empowering every individual, no matter their role.

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Cat's new book "A Regenerative Mindset" is out now!